I always wanted to understand the world around me. I was curious about nature, mountains, canyons, fossils. 
I became a geologist.
All my life I have tried to represent the essence of the subjects I studied. First in drawings. Later I taught myself to make lino-cuts and print them. With a few lines catching my subject.
But as a lover of art I wanted to try more artforms and their possibilities and limits. I started to sculpt in wood and rock. Mostly animals. I also wanted them to be tactile. Sometimes smooth, other times rough.
A few years ago I turned to painting. In contrast to lino-cuts and sculpting this is a medium where you can correct your work or add several layers. It gave me a whole new direction to explore.
As I am rediscovering the possibilities of papier-maché I want to make more art that is reflecting on current affairs. I clip a lot of articles and daily news out of the newspaper and am currently working on several papier-maché artworks; more corona art, one about refugees, and one or two about the position of women in current society. 
I'll never stop learning and exploring art, the world, life.
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